Rating: 72/100

Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev, June '05
Label: Limb Music
Style: Heavy / Power Metal

Call Me Under 666

This outfit from Switzerland started out in 2001, with a 3-Track demo and released their debut album simply entitled “Godiva” back in 2003, also on the Limb label.

Then in the middle of the recording of the new album “Call Me Under 666” - vocalist Anthony De Angelis left the band, and was replaced by former Victory vocalist Fernando Garcia, not a step forward in my book, I think that Anthony De Angelis was more suitable for the kind of music Godiva plays. 

The music is very heavy at times: “Soulkiller”, “Proud To Be A Beast” & “My Fate” with great double bass attacks. And other times it’s very melodic “Free My Soul” & “The Flight Of The Dragon” - Fernando Garcia fits great into the more melodic stuff, but I have to say that he is the weaker part of the more heavy stuff.

The production is crystal clear, a co-operation between Godiva and Achim Köhler. If you are a fan of melodic power metal and Fernando Garcia you should give “Call Me Under 666” a listen.

Recommended tracks: “My Fate”, “Proud To Be A Beast” & “Soulkiller”

Link: www.godiva.ch