Goddess of Desire

Rating: 80/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, September '05
Label - Armageddon Music
Style - Pure, dirty, in your face Heavy Metal

Awaken Pagan Gods

The “Cult" show-metal band from Holland, GODDESS OF DESIRE is back with their fourth album called “Awaken Pagan Gods”. Recorded at Bouwens studio in Alkmaar. Released by Armageddon Music, Germany.

To me GODDESS OF DESIRE sounds like a mixture of bands like Celtic Frost, Venom and Motörhead. The songs are raw and pure Metal, but most of them are catchy as well. I think you have to be open minded when you listen to GODDES OF DESIRE. This album is actually quite good, but it needs 4-5 spins in the CD-player to sink in.

The vocalists have an angry, raw style that perfectly fits such stomping thunderstorms as “Dead End Street”, “Awaken Pagan Gods” and “Majesty of Metal”, and on “Nothing’s Free” it sounds like Mr. Motörhead himself, Lemmy Kilmister is handling the vocals. Not every track is a killer, but they are never dull. – So, If you like no-frills heavy metal, open up a bottle of booze and laugh your ass off to GODDESS OF DESIRE!

Recommended tracks: “Dead End Street”, “Awaken Pagan Gods”, “Nothing’s Free” and “Majesty of Metal”.

Link: www.goddess-of-desire.info