Paul Gilbert

Rating: 60/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, July '05
Label: Mascot Records
Style: Rock

Space Ship One

I am sitting here with the new album from the very gifted guitar player Paul Gilbert, and I can't say I'm trilled. Not that this album: "Space Ship One" is bad; however it's not that great either.

I'm sure you'll know Mr. Gilbert from his work with Racer X and million sellers Mr. Big, and here on "Space Ship One" Paul Gilbert shows that he's more than a shredder. The songs here are very song oriented, but not that great - at least not in my opinion.

We have only a few good songs here - the first one: "Space Ship One" is a OK rock song, and track 5, the instrumental "Jackhammer" shows Mr. Gilbertís blistering guitar work. Track 12 "Wash My Car" is also above average - this track is 100% pure rock 'n' roll! The rest of the songs simply don't cut it - but then again ... this is just my opinion!

Take a listen before you buy!

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