Gamma Ray

Rating: 85/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, August '05
Label: Mayan Records / Sanctuary
Style: Power Metal


Kai Hansen is an icon in European metal; he is highly respected around the world for his contribution to German metal and to power metal in general. And he proves once more with this album that he has forgotten how to write good music! Along with his partners in crime: Dirk Schlächter, Henjo Richter and Daniel Zimmermann, he returns with this new album - entitled: "Majestic".

This album is to me a step in the right direction - the last few Gamma Ray albums were a tad uninspired for my likings - and their style remains unmistakably, no matter if it's fast and furious songs like: "My Temple", "Fight" or "Hell is Thy Home", mid-tempo stuff like "Strange World" or "Spiritual Dictator" or more epic stuff like "Majesty" or "Revelation" - they all carry the Kai Hansen and Gamma Ray signature.

The sound is crisp and clear, this time they've recorded the album in the band's own Hansen Studio. I like the simple cover design, no frills there ... so the settings for a good album is at hand, and I think they've succeeded with this effort. Because this is a very good Gamma Ray album, not as brilliant as some their earlier albums, but still head and shoulder above most of the competition and their latest few album, so if you are a fan of power metal and Gamma Ray, then there no reason not to pick this one up!

Recommended tracks: "Fight", "Condemned to Hell", "Majesty" & "Revelation"