Freedom Call

Rating: 93/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, March '05
Label: Steamhammer / SPV
Style: Melodic Metal

The Circle Of Life

Let's face it! Freedom Call is not a band for the critics ... Freedom Call is a band for their fans!
Some call them: "The masters of cheesy german metal". I don't care at all... I like them!
Sometimes I'm in the mood for Death Metal, sometimes Thrash Metal, sometimes Progressive Metal and sometimes Melodic Metal. And the best Melodic Metal band there is - FREEDOM CALL!!! At least in my opinion!

Freedom Call is back with a brand new album called, "The Circle Of Life" and not much have changed since "Eternity" (2002). So if you really HATE this kind of "cheesy" music, stay far, far away from this release. However if you dig melodic "cheesy" metal and Freedom Call, I don't think you would go wrong here.

We get 12 melodic metal songs with huge choruses, and to me, it sounds exactly like, what I had expected from Freedom Call. We have midtempo hymns like "Mother Earth", "Carry On" and "Hero Nation", and uptempo hymns like "Kings & Queens", that contains a riff very, very simular to Ozzy Osbourne's "Bark At The Moon", "High Eough" and "Starchild". But the songs are all super-catchy, but never even remotely flat, quite the contrary! Freedom Call's ability to write catchy hymns is without exception excellent to brilliant. BUT... then agin, it's just MY opinion.

Yes ... I like it. And I really don't give a **** if you call it "cheesy". Maybe I'm "cheesy" too? How many times have you heard one your favourite bands being slagged by another Metalhead, who doesn't listen to or understand the Metal sub-genres you love? - I like what I like ... and that's it!!!