Fear Factory

Rating: 80/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, September '05
Label: Roadrunner
Style: FF Metal


After having read a, to say it the least, not very positive review of the latest Fear Factory album by one of our German colleagues in RockHard magazine, it was with some anxiety that I put “Transgression” into the disc player. The German hag more or less signed off FF completely - which to me sounded a bit harsh.  

I have to say that I think that the quartet is still among us. “Transgression” is by all means a decent effort. I consider it naïve to expect another revolution like “Demanufacture” and optimistic to expect the band to top last years comeback “Archetype”. With “Transgression”, Fear Factory rests comfortably in the style of metal that they themselves were the harbingers of and as such there is little new here.  

No new fans will be won, I’m fairly certain of that, but on the other hand, few old fans (like myself) will be scared off.  

What is fairly unusual is that Fear Factory have decided to include no less than two cover tracks this time round, namely U2’s “I Will Follow” and the ultra-cool Killing Joke hammer “Millennium”.  

Recommended: “Spinal Compression”, “Empty Vision”, “I Promise”, “Millennium” and “Moment of Impact”  

Link: www.fearfactory.com