Rating: 75/100

Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev, March '05
Label: MTM Music
Style: Hard Rock

Scratch'n Sniff

This is a re-release of Fate’s fourth album “Scratch’n Sniff” from 1990, this is after Hank Shermann & Jeff Limbo left the band. Per Henriksen (ex.-Crystal Knight) is handling the vocals, and the guitar player is Matthias Eklundh (ex. Frozen Eyes) now with Freak Kitchen.

This is pure hard rock with great melody lines, tracks like “You’re The Best”, “Larry” & “Surgeon In Love” still rock pretty damn good after 15 years. And it is all packed in a great production from Tommy Hansen.

Sometimes it almost sound like Freak Kitchen, due to Matthias Eklundh’s unique guitar style. Fate will be announcing their comeback later this year, and they are going to play the Deep Impact Festival in Munich. “Scratch’n Sniff” comes with 2 bonus tracks.

All we need now is a new album.

Recommended tracks: “You’re The Best” & “ Surgeon In Love”