Rating: 80/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, October '05
Label - Nuclear Blast GmbH (VME Distribution)
Style - Good Ol' School Thrash Metal

Shovel Headed Kill Machine

Boys will be boys and Exodus will be Exodus! This album picks up where we were "Tempo of the Damned" left us last year... full frontal thrash metal attack, blasting on all cylinders and just good friendly violent fun.

Only founding member left is Gary Holt, but he hasn't forgotten his roots and the new line-up with vocalist Rob Dukes, Jack Gibson on bass, Lee Altus on guitars Paul Bostaph on drums is perhaps the strongest ever! Ass tight and very skilful.

This album will surely please all Exodus and thrash metal fans, even though it's not quite as great as "Tempo of the Damned", but it's a very close call - and I love the pure good ol' school aggressive thrash metal delivered on this album by Exodus - check it out...

Recommended tracks: "Raze", "Deathamphetamine", "Shudder to Think" and "Shoved Headed Kill Machine".

Link: www.exodusattack.com