Rating: 90/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, August '05
Label: Earache
Style: Spacerock


Well, well, what do you know, there are still bands that have courage. “Conspiritus” is an eclectic bunch of tunes that draw on inspirational sources such as early Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Paradise Lost, Men Without Hats (anyone remember them?), Celtic Frost and, well…Euro techno paired with big rock guitars. And it’s all neatly wrapped in a concept of sorts.

British Ewigkeit have created something that is quite unique in my view and it’s a bit of an eye-opener in places. The album starts out with an Operation Mindcrime-ish intro and then launches into the fresh, techno-laden “It’s Not Reality”. James Fogarty may not have the greatest voice, but it’s characteristic and he is able to vary it quite a bit.

Third track, “Square Sunset” emphasises Ewigkeit’s ability to swing from genre to genre; the track sports a progressive Purple-esque organ, ladder day Anathema vocals and double bass drum. Very atmospheric, very cool. Next up is “The Nightmare Institution”, a song that could easily have fitted on a Paradise Lost album.

“Far Away from Heaven” is probably the low-point of the album, a fairly ordinary heavy song, whereas the instrumental “Transcend the Senses” impresses with a rock solid Pink Floyd sound with extra distortion. “The Thought Police” signals another shift in style as Fogerty jump starts mid-album with a Ministry/Killing Joke energy.

“How to Conquer the World” brings back the Hammond organ in a full on dance-friendly rock tune. I could see this being used in alternative clubs, no probs. “Theoreality” is a well-composed controlled rock inferno with folk influences and finally the title track “Conspiritus” ends the ball with its acoustic riff and bombastic chant.

Highly recommendable album for the metal fans who want a bit more than the usual round of the mill. I like.

Recommended: “Square Sunrise” but most of the tracks are good.

Link: Ewigkeit Webpage or www.earache.com