Evil Masquerade

Rating: 92/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, June '05
Label: Frontiers Records
Style: "Theatrical Metal"

Theatrical Madness

YES!!! My favorite Danish metal band is back with a brand new album. The band I'm talking about is Evil Masquerade, and their new album is called: "Theatrical Madness".

Their debut album: "Welcome To The Show" is an absolute favorite of mine, so my expectations for their new album were very, very high. And again Evil Masquerade has delivered the goods, at least in my humble opinion.

Evil Masquerade calls their music "theatrical metal" and I really think that it's the right way to describe their music. At first I was a little disappointed with "Theatrical Madness", but I gave it another try, and after 5-6 spins in my CD-player, I was in Heaven. 11 great songs with a few special guest stars are the final result. On "Other Ways To Babylon" we have Mikkel Jensen on lead keyboards. On "Bozo The Clown" it's no other than André Andersen on lead keyboards, and on "Now When Our Stars Are Fading" Richard Andersson himself on lead keyboards.

We get mid-tempo and up-tempo songs here with great singing, and great playing - not a bad track is to be found here. Okay ... maybe I should let you decide? Maybe you like it ... maybe you don't- ONE thing is for sure ... I like it! I can't wait for the third album!

Recommended tracks: “When Satan Calls", ""Theatrical Madness", "Bozo The Clown", "A Great Way To Die", "The Demolition Army" & "The Dark Play"

Link: www.evilmasquerade.com