Rating: 59/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, July '05
Label: Massacre Records
80's Pop Metal

Tried & Failed

German EverEve apparently have been around for a billion years. They must have been around in the 80s, anyway. “Tried & Failed” sounds like a 80s pop album with extra throttle. Even the production could’ve been lifted off a Duran Duran album.

Especially MZ’s vocal performance has lend ears to the things that went on in Britain in the beginning of my teens. I can see that it could work in some instances, it’s just too bad that the band doesn’t really cut it on this album.

Despite a saucy (on the verge of the ridiculous) S&M imagery for the cover and website, EverEve are not able to convince that they are what the promotional material wants them to be.

Recommended tracks: Not really but “Pine Of Heaven” is a fairly good tune.

Link: www.evereve.net