Eternal Reign

Rating: 94/100

Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev, March '05
Label: LIMP Music Products
Style: Melodic Heavy Metal

Forbidden Path

This CD is calling all nostalgic listeners of the legendary bands like Heir Apparent & Hittman. What you get here is late 80’s US style metal, and it all comes from a German band.

This is Eternal Reign’s second album, the first one “Crimes Of Passion” was released by the TTS label in 2002. Just before the release of “Crimes Of Passion” they were forced to change their name from Perfect Crime to Eternal Reign due to legal reasons.

The members of Eternal Reign have been active in the German metal scene for the past twenty years, in band such as Sweet Cheater, Exploder & Final Prophecy.

Melody and power are harmonically combined to make the final result, that will create jealousy among other musicians. Eternal Reign relies on it's very melodic heavy metal compositions. “Forbidden Path” contains 11 great and honest US metal songs with no fillers and that’s all you need know to draw your attention. The last track “Ten Seconds In” is a great cover version of the Breaker classic.

A must for everyone, who considers themselves as a heavy metal fan.

Recommended tracks: “Edge Of The World”, “Set The Sails” & “Nightstalker”