Embalming Theatre

Rating: 79/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, January '05
No Escape Records
Style: Grind Rock

Hormones From The Dead

Swiss Embalming Theatre have slowed down a little bit since 2003’s “Sweet Chainsaw Melodies” and have started to rely on a more varied and groovy (at times even catchy) grind style.

The themes are as gory as ever, however, and the same can be said of the vocalist’s effort (on this album his name is Soli D. -  the entire band changes names with each release for some odd reason).

Compared to “Sweet Chainsaw Melodies”, “Hormones From The Dead” wins extra points for the greater extent of variation and a better production.

Recommended tracks: “Hallucinating Genital-Ejector”, “They Drowned In A Lake Of Blood ”, “Buried Alive III: Suffocation In The Sand-Box”

Link: www.embalmingtheatre.ch