Embalming Theatre

Rating: 75/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, January '05
Razorback Records
Style: Grind Rock

Sweet Chainsaw Melodies

Switzerland’s grind outfit Embalming Theatre is a well-hidden secret.

“Sweet Chainsaw Melodies” contains 22 short bursts of grind rock brutality. If you take equal amounts of Napalm Death anno 1988, Carcass ditto, Macabre and add a bit of Pungent Stench, you’re damn well near a description of this album, complete with bizarre sound clips in and between song, a tribute to “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (the title track) and W. Rath’s extremely brutal guttural grunts.

Recommended tracks: “We Ate Daddy”, “Someone Else In My Coffin”, “Buried Alive II: Breath Of Cancer”

Link: www.embalmingtheatre.ch