Release date: August 29th 2005
Massacre Records
VME Denmark

Death / Grind Metal
Rating: 50/100
Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
October '05

My first reaction when I received this promo CD with Eisblut was; - Who the hell is Eisblut????

I have some Information about Eisblut: Death Metal meets Grind and Gothic melodies from Germany. I’m not sure but I think they are formed in the year 2000, and now they have released their debut album called “Schlachtwerk”.

Beware… because they sing in German, and the music is raw and fast, but at the same time “melodic”. A few of the songs are quite good, filled with great guitar riffs and “melodic” vocals but most of the tracks are just average in my opinion.

I won't say this is a terrible CD, but it isn't great either. There's nothing about this that will actively annoy you, but precious little that will get your attention and get you excited either.

Track 4 “Überreste” is the best song here in my opinion and track 7 and 13, called “?” and “Altersheim” makes me laugh every single time I listen to these very, very short songs.

Listen before you buy!  

Recommended tracks: See above.