Rocket Ride
Release date: January 20th 2006
Nuclear Blast GmbH
VME Denmark
Power Metal
Rating: 90/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
December '05

How can you be nothing but impressed with the career these fun loving Germans have had? Serious about their music, but never forgetting to have fun and live life... Tobias Sammet has to be one the most unique and weirdest characters in metal music today! Never taking himself too serious, a fact he never fails to express in interview and in his lyrics.

This is by far the most straight forward Edguy album ever; almost all the symphonic edges are gone. Off course there still plenty of room for big choirs, they are just not as grandiose or huge as before. Back to basics, keeping things simple are keywords for this album, but don't worry - this is still very much Edguy power metal, with great songs, plenty of funny lyrics and fun parts, cool guitar leads and in my book the best vocal performance from Tobias ever.

Put a red X in the calendar or whatever you do to remember things, because on January 20th 2006, we are treated with the first of hopefully many metal highlights! This is pure heavy metal served the Edguy way, an album, which doesn't re-write the metal history or push any boundaries. It's just great fun to listen to... try it...

Recommended: "Sacrifice", "Wasted Time", "The Asylum", "Superheroes" & "Trinidad".

Side Note

This promo is every reviewer’s worst nightmare; I've never ever experienced so many voice-overs on one album before. I do have every bit of respect for the record labels that do what they can to stop piracy! But it really makes it hard for people like me to get into the music, when some guy "shows up" every 2 minutes to tell me, that I am listening to the new album from Edguy... Sorry, but it had to be said!