Edge Of Forever

Rating: 84/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, April '05
MTM Music
Style: Hard Rock

Let The Demon Rock 'n' Roll

EDGE OF FOREVER was born in Italy in 2002 with the ambition of making the magic sound, that has always influenced each of the members music, but also to show the class, which is generated by the encounter of different personalities on the same wavelength.

I must admit, that I've never heard of this band before, and I'm not familiar with EDGE OF FOREVER's first album "Feeding The Fire", but "Let The Demon Rock 'n' Roll" is a very pleasant surprise. This is very 70's and 80's Hard Rock and it actually sounds great. Two bands, that comes to mind, when I listen to this release are Deep Purple and Rainbow. So if are you into 70's and 80's Hard Rock, Deep Purple and Rainbow, I really think you should give EDGE OF FOREVER a chance.

The band features a fantastic singer in Bob Harris, who has worked with FRANK ZAPPA, STEVE VAI, and is actually a part of legendary band AXE. Alessandro Del Vecchio (keyboard), who has worked live and on recordins featuring GLENN HUGHES, PATRICK RONDAT, TONY FRANKLIN, BRUCE KULICK, ANDRE MATOS, SCOTT McGILL, TIME MACHINE and many more. Matteo Carnio, refined guitar virtuoso and main author of the lyrics, has got a true axe-man's fury and grace and does not hide his passion for Y.J MALMSTEEN and RITCHIE BLACKMORE. Christian Grillo, bassist, and Francesco Jovino, drummer, represent the essence of EDGE OF FOREVER's groove, and their synergy gets inspiration from the lessons of Hard Rock's best rhythm sections.

"Let The Demon Rock 'n' Roll" is produced by BOBBY BARTH (AXE).

Recommended tracks: "The Machine", "One Last Surrender", "Crime Of Passion" and "Feel Like Burning"

Link: www.edgeofforever.it