Rating: 85/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, June '05
Label: Adipocere Records
Style: Death Metal


DAMN! - This is great death metal! Eciton is a Danish death metal band and a great surprise - formed in year 2000 by musicians, who over the past 12 years have been involved in numerous bands and projects. In 2003 they obtained first place in Danish Melo-Death Grand Prix, which is the biggest competition in Scandinavia for unsigned metal bands. They were called Indespair, but in early 2001 they changed their name into Eciton.

In early 2005 Eciton signed a deal with French record label: Adipocere Records and by April/May 2005 the album "Oppressed" saw it's worldwide release.

We get 9 very good death metal tracks here - nothing groundbreaking, but in my humble opinion way better than most extreme metal bands out there. This is not just "pure mayhem"; you can actually hear great melodic guitar riffs and licks on "Oppressed". Take a listen to a track like "Someone Suffers", one of the best death metal songs I've heard in quite some time.

"Oppressed" is an album filled with death metal of the highest quality - fast, but with a lot of tempo changes, and believe me; "Oppressed" never get's boring.

If you are into death metal, then hurry up and get this album now, and support this great Danish metal band. I wish them all the best in the future to come...

Recommended tracks: “Cynical Exploitation", The Excitements", "Fuck Your World", "Slaughter Of The Innocent" & "Someone Suffers"