Rating: 48/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, April '05
Label: Lucretia Records
Style: US Power Metal

Dust Of An Age

"Dust Of An Age" is the debut album of the Italian Power Metal band Dyve. Dyve plays Power Metal in the classic US style blended with Thrash Metal influences.

The production is okay and the 4 musicians are tight, but I miss some highlights here. Sure there's a few fine moments on this album, just listen to "I Am The One", I really love the music in this track. However the rest of this release is a little boring in my opinion.

The guys are very passionate in what they play and it shows and there's a few great moments and catchy riffs, but this is not my cup of tea.I have tried to give this disc a lot of spins in my Cd-player, but it doesn't do much to captivate me. 

So, listen before you buy!

Recommended track: "I Am The One"

Link: www.dyveonweb.com