Release date: October 28th 2005
Limb Music Products
Target Distribution
Power Metal
Rating: 92/100
Reviewed by:
Jørgen Ditlev
November '05

“Resurrection” was originally released in 1999 and only in Australia by the Warhead label. This new version has been re-recorded, and the track “Let It Go” has been replaced with a new song called “Severed Ties”.

The original version of “Resurrection” had a very “underground” like production; the new album has gained a lot of ground on that account. Even if most of the tracks are from 1999, we still get some really good traditional power metal like on their latest album “One Step Beyond”.

“Resurrection” even got some of the best tunes Dungeon have made like the melodic “Paradise”, the thrashy “I am Death” and the seven and a half minutes long “The Legend of Huma” that reminds me a lot of the earlier Iron maiden stuff.

“Resurrection” is not only for the die-hard Dungeon freaks out there; all other traditional heavy/power metal fans should give this great album a listen.

There is even a Ltd. Edition double CD with 3 bonus tracks and 8 live tracks.  

Recommended tracks: “Paradise”, “I am Death” & “The Legend of Huma”.