Rating: 88/100

Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev, March '05
Label: LIMP Music Products
Style: Power Metal

One Step Beyond

Dungeon hails from down under (Australia) and in my opinion this is the best band from the land of the kangaroos. “One Step Beyond” is the second release in Europe, the first one “A Rise To Power” was released by Limb in 2003.

This is high quality power metal, with influences from both the American and German scene (Gamma Ray, Dokken, Dio etc.). Dungeon was voted Australia’s best live band in 2004, and have toured with Edguy, Yngwie Malmsteen & Nevermore just to name a few.

Tracks like “Tarranno Del Mar”, “Surface Tension”, “Under The Cross” & “The Art Of War” are up there with the new Brainstorm album. “The Art Of War” almost sounds like the mighty Sacred Steel. The limited edition cd comes with extra tracks and a DVD. “One Step Beyond” got a super production - thanks to Lord Tim - he is Dungeon's answer to Kai Hansen.

Thunder from down under, buy or die!

Recommended tracks: “Tarranno Del Mar”, “One Step Beyond” & “The Art Of War”