DeadSoul Tribe
The Dead Word
Release date: November 14th 2005
InsideOut Music
Target Distribution
Progressive Metal
Rating: 45/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
October '05

Devon Graves IS DeadSoul Tribe, and on this album he proves it once and for all... He has written all the lyrics, all of the music, except for one song where Adel Moustafa has helped. He has recorded, produced and mixed the album him self, he plays almost all of the instruments - guitars, keyboards & flute. He does all of the vocals, only thing he stays away from is the drums... so one can easily say he takes care of business.

Devon is still an outstanding vocalist, and his vocal performance on this fourth release from DeadSoul Tribe is another perfect proof of his skills. However I do wish he had had some help in the guitar-department, because I have seldom heard so many boring and meaningless guitar riffs and leads, it really kills the album... just awful. The result is a very mediocre album with no real highlights - if you take away Devon's singing and wonderful flute playing - and it leaves me very disappointed...

Next please, I am sorry, but this album is a let down for me...