Down Factor
Murder the World

Release date: November 2005
Label: Scourge Records
Distribution: See band’s website

Style: Thrash

Rating: 87/100
Reviewed by:
Thomas Nielsen
December 28th 2005

With wonderful chugging riffs and efficient blast beats, this Oakland four-piece delivers a solid performance on their second effort, “Murder the World”. The Bay Area legacy is easy to detect throughout the ten tunes on the album (apart from opener “The Wake”, a mellow rendering of Schubert’s “Opus 100” ) – you hear a lot of Testament, Nevermore plus stints of Exodus and a bit of death metal in there. It’s very appropriate that that Steve Smyth has chipped in with a solo on this album – says a lot, not only about the style but also about the general quality of the material.

The closest comparison I can give you to vocalist/guitarist Anderson’s voice is a rough version of Kurt Brecht from D.R.I., but that said, this is where every comparison with said outfit stops: Down Factor is more technically controlled and complex than anything D.R.I. ever did.

The fact that even the instrumental “The Root of all Evil” doesn’t incite to boredom is clearly a sign that Down Factor know how to put together music. In my view this album is a must-own for many a thrash fan.