Rating: 92/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, February '05
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Style: Melodic Metal with an progressive edge

Last Days Of Utopia

WOW... I did not see this one coming. The brand new album from Domain is called "Last Days Of Utopia"... and it's a GREAT one!

I was a happy man when I recieved this promo-CD from the editor of this site, Kenn Jensen, and after a few spins in my CD-player, this album just opened op to me. This album is full of first rate melodic metal with a progressive edge. First I was a little disappointed, but after a few spins my disappointment turned into happiness and now I'm enjoying this great album more and more. And how often do you hear a CD where every song sends chills down your spine? Of course this is just MY opinion, but I really like this album.

It is difficult to point out the best tracks because they are all very good, full of memorable choruses and riffs and with an atmosphere, that is impressive. Just take a listen to "Ocean Paradise" ... everything about this track is beautiful, the chorus ... the music. If this track can't fill you with excitement, there is nothing more I can do for you. IF I should pick a favourite ... should I? Why not ... then I will pick the titel-track "Last Days Of Utopia", this track will take you on the wings of the night, raising you into unimaginable heights beyond imagination. Truly a great song with a great, great melody, chorus and a choir that will lead you into the realms of dreams... and this is no exaggeration, trust me!

I could go on and on, the production is great and I even like the cover-art, but I better stop here or I lose control. A few last words - Thank you, Kenn jensen (Editor of this site), for sending me this great promo-CD. Thanks mate, I owe you one!!!  Need I say that Iíve fallen in love with this fantastic album?

Recommended tracks: All of them!!!