Release date: November 28, 2005
Metal Heaven / Rivel Records
Soulfood Music Distribution
Website - www.divinefire.net
Style - Power Metal / Symphonic Speed Metal
Rating: 95/100
Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
October '05

Recently I bought Divinefire’s debut album “Glory Thy Name” and it’s an amazing release in my humble opinion. So I must admit it was very hard for me to wait until the end of November to get Divinefire’s new album in my hands… but a lucky star shined on me, because I’ve got Divinefire’s new album, “Hero” right here in my hands.

The explanation is, that I wrote Christian Rivel and told him how much I liked “Glory Thy Name”, and he told me to get in touch with GerMusica Promotion, so I could get a promo of “Hero”. I did not hesitate to contact GerMusica Promotion, and they've sent me the promo right away. (Thanks to Birgitt Schwanke at GerMusica Promotion and to Christian Rivel).

My expectations to “Hero” was very high, but I’m not disappointed… not at all! Once again Divinefire delivers first class Symphonic Power / Speed Metal in the same vein as their debut album. Very Melodic with huge and very, very memorable choruses.

Divinefire once again hit me right in the guts, and I hope they will do that for years to come! 9 great Divinefire songs and a cover of Queen’s ”The Show Must Go On”, makes it 10… … 10 songs that hits me right in the guts!  

I have to add that I’m a little worried here… what about a third album…? How can they possible come up with material as strong as “Glory Thy Name” and “Hero”??

All that I can say now is; - The future looks very bright for Divinefire, if you ask me!
- Get this album when it hit the stores!!!  

Recommended tracks: All of them!