Rating: 97/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, October '05
Label - Rivel Records
Style - Power Metal / Melodic Speed Metal

Glory Thy Name

- DAMN… this is F****** great music…!!! I can’t believe I hesitated to buy this CD in the first place… but eventually I did…and GODDAMN… what a surprise! This is in MY opinion the best Metal release in the year 2005.  

DIVINEFIRE was formed in 2004 by Christian Rivel (Narnia, Audiovision) and the Finnish composer and drummer Jani Stefanovic, who has been playing and touring with the bands, AM I BLOOD, SINS OF OMISSION and RENASCENT. DIVINEFIRE combines Metal and melody in the possible strongest way… we get speedy Power Metal… very bombastic with huge and very, very memorable choruses. Absolutely stunning in my humble opinion!!!

Just think, AUDIOVISION, RHAPSODY and DRAGONFORCE, and you have an idea what DIVINEFIRE sounds like. I just find DIVINEFIRE better. We get 9 tracks and only one of them, “Pay It Forward” gets a little boring after numerous listens. The rest of the bunch is absolutely killer tracks. DIVINEFIRE rule and everything they do is just fucking cool.

I think this release is one of the most memorable and catchy CD’s to date! Even the production is perfect. Crystal clear! In November DIVINEFIRE release their second album, and it’s called “Hero”… I can’t wait! So if you are into very melodic, bombastic speedy Power Metal, get this album now!

You won’t regret it!

Recommended tracks: See above!

Link: www.divinefire.net