Rating: 80/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, August '05
Label: AFM Records
Style: Thrash Metal

Inventor Of Evil

The German thrash metal masters Destruction is back with a brand new album called "Inventor of Evil", and I promise you that it's an album of pure destruction and pure thrash. Destruction assault with a barrage of impure riffs, hell for leather drums and striking guitar soli.

Every track here on "Inventor of Evil"" are sheer maniac "thrash metal noise"! The music is fast and fiery and is driven home with sharp precision. Just listen to a track called "The Calm before the Storm" with its schizophrenic riffs that burns forth into a dramatic climax.
On "The Chosen Ones" Destruction reminds me a little of Slayer - it's not for the weak hearted and it's not for whimps!
"Twist of Fate" is the best track on this album, at least in my humble opinion, it pounds like a dangerous heartbeat and reminds very much of Tankard.

I feel like jumping up and down, wanna shake and bang my head until my neck hurts and my ears are bleeding.
This album is a pure thrash metal attack that will please every Destruction and thrash metal fan out there, I'm sure about that!

Your mother won't like it, but you will !!! - So scream your anger out and ... GET THRASHED!!!

Recommended tracks: "Soul Collector", "The Calm before the Storm", "The Chosen Ones", "The Alliance of Hellhoubdz" and "Twist of Fate".