Fate is Calling (Pt. I)
Release date: October 21st 2005
Massacre Records
VME Denmark
True / Epic Metal
Rating: 65/100
Reviewed by:
Jørgen Ditlev
October '05

Dawnrider is a side project created by Majesty’s Tarek Maghary, with guest appearances by James Rivera (Helstar), Rob Rock, Ross The Boss (ex-Manowar), Bryan Patrick (Manilla Road), Mark Shelton (Manilla Road), Michael Seifert (Rebellion) and Sven D’Anna (Wizard) among others.

Everything on this album is based around a fantasy story about the eternal fight between Good and Evil, the story is printed in the 30-page booklet. The music is a mixture of True/Epic Metal and US Metal, but it is nothing special.

There are a few tracks that stand out “Gift of Dawn” with James Rivera on vocals, “Parce is Free” with great female vocals, and the slow “Awaiting the Night”. This could have been a great CD, but there are too many fillers, and the production could have been a lot better.

Lets hope that “Fate is Calling (Pt. II)” turns out a lot better.

Recommended tracks: See above.