Darren Smith Band

Rating: 45/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, March '05
MTM Records
Style: Rock

Keep The Spirit Alive

Aerosmith? - This was my first reaction, when I first heard this promo-Cd.
- No ... this is Darren Smith Band. And Darren Smith Band is:
Darren Smith - Vocals, Guitar (Harem Scarem)
Mike Hall - Guitars (Killer Dwarfs, Helix)
Stan Miczek - Bass (Honeymoon Suite)
Pat Carrano - Drums 

Additional Musicians:
Harry Hess - Vocals, Guitar (Harem Scarem)
Pete Lesperance - Vocals, guitar (Harem Scarem)

I must admit even after numerous listens "Keep The Spirit Alive" doesn't do much for me! However there are some good tracks here on this CD: "King For A Day" - very melodic, and with a great chorus, "Love Hurts"  - Nazareth cover, up-tempo and very rocking track, and "Why Do I" - contains a great, great riff and a great chorus.

The rest of the tracks are a little boring in my humble opinion. So ... Iím somehow bored and now I need some real Metal to compensate for this loss of heaviness. Sorry guys, this is not the real deal. Listen before you buy, and decide for yourself!

Recommended tracks: See above.