Rating: 70/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, March '05
Label: MTM Music
Style: Hard Rock

The Power Of Nature (Live In Munich)

As the subtitle gives away, this is a live recording from Dare - recorded at the Deep Impact 2004 festival in Munich, Germany. I am not too familiar with their previous album - the only one I know is their 1997 release: "Calm Before The Storm" - a very good piece of hard rock.

So this is almost a completely new experience to me, and must admit that I think all the songs are very good hard rock songs - well played, a cool crowd and an overall good experience. However I do miss some powerful songs, but is pretty sure fans of Dare don't give a damn ... and this is sort of a fans only release ... good, solid hard rock live ...

The recording is also available on DVD with the same songs, interviews, behind the scenes stuff and the video for "Deliverance".

Recommended tracks: ôSome Day", "We Will Return", "Song For A Friend (The King)" & "White Horses"

Link: www.dare.com