Wheels of Time
Release date: September 26th 2005
Mausoleum Records
Power Metal / Melodic Speed Metal
Rating: 78/100
Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
November '05

Third album from German Power metallers Custard. I must admit that was only familiar with a few songs from this German band but hey… sometimes you have to take some chances here in life… right?

I bought it and threw it my CD-player and my first reaction was: - What the F**k… the production sucks big time! Somehow I find the sound too “thin”, but I gave this album a few more chances. It took me numerous listens to get used to the sound, but apart from that, “Wheels of Time” is a good album with no surprises and not something truly mind-blowing, but Custard is always best when the band begins speeding… in my humble opinion, of course.

Take a listen to “Inner Void” a great speedy track that really reminds me of Helloween or the fast “ Sunrise and “Shine On”, two tracks that reminds me very much of Freedom Call. These 3 tracks are the best on this release if you ask me and they promise Custard a great future.

Enough said… if you are into Power Metal, I think you should at least give Custard a listen and decide for self.  

Recommended tracks: See above.