Cryonic Temple

Rating: 85/100

Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev, June '05
Label: Limb Music
Style: Power Metal

In Thy Power

I first got to know about this Swedish power metal band back in 2002, when they released their debut album “Chapter 1” on the Underground Symphony Label - it was a great and powerful album, but with a crappy sound. 

Then they went on to the German Limb Music label and released “Blood, Guts & Glory” in 2003, a great step forward and with a great sound. The new CD “In Thy Power” is even better. It’s a mix of traditional metal and power metal, you can clearly hear, that they are inspired by old Helloween, Manowar & Judas Priest. The best things about this CD is the vocals by Glen Metal, it’s raw and yet very melodic. And the old school riffing by the two guitar players Esa Ahonen and Leif Collin.

“Beast Slayer”, “Rapid Fire” & “Eternal Flames Of Metal” are the three strongest songs on “In Thy Power”, I think that they would appeal to nearly all metal heads, that are into Maiden, Priest or Helloween.

Like on the “Blood, Guts & Glory” CD, a great production by Pelle Saether. Cryonic Temple also got their own version of Iron Maiden’s Eddie, the same Knight is on the cover to all three albums, great gimmick. Support this great band.

Recommended tracks: See above.