Conjuration / Full Moon Lycanthropy

Rating: 35 & 75/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, March '05
Label: Bestial Burst
Style: Dirt Rock / Black Metal

Werewolf 7”

Finnish underground label Bestial Burst have decided to release a split 7” with Finnish dirt rockers Conjuration and Danish black metal outfit Full Moon Lycanthropy. How this decision came about, I don’t understand. There are few, if any, similarities between the two bands, and the quality of the two bands’ output is apparent.

According to the press release, the two songs of the EP share a werewolf theme, but you’d need a lyric sheet to get this (the advance CD-r doesn’t contain any lyrics).

Conjuration’s tune “Vorvolaka” is, to say it the least, an uninspired rock song with a growling vocal effort, whereas the Danes have a lot more to offer with “Wolfman”. With heavy influences from Emperor, Arcturus and stints of Cradle of Filth commercialism, Full Moon Lycanthropy rest firmly in their genre. They purport suitable measures of controlled aggression and chaos soli, flanked by symphonic keyboard bursts. A very promising release indeed.

If you like black metal, you can acquire the release from If you’re into dirt rock, I’d suggest you look somewhere else.