Rating: 70/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, April '05
Metal Heaven
Melodic Metal with progressive touches


From - "Cloudscape" rose from the ashes of the locally known band "Doctor Weird", who appeared at "Sweden Rock Festival" back in 2000 and played several support gigs to well known bands on the swedish metal scene by members Micael Andersson (Lead vocals), Björn Eliasson (Guitars), Patrik Svärd (Guitars), Hans Persson (Bass) and Roger Landin (Drums). Doctor Weird recorded two self-financed albums. The first one was recorded back in 1995 (a 4 track EP) and the second one was finished in 1999 (a 12 track full lenght album). A few copies of the EP was released in Sweden. The full length album never made it to the masses due to bad contacts."

"Doctor Weird", now "CLOUDSCAPE" plays "Melodic Metal with progressive touches" in their own opinion, and I really think that that's the right word for CLOUDSCAPE's music. We get 12 "Melodic Metal with progressive touches" tracks with a good production and everything is clean and crisp here on CLOUDSCAPE's debut.

At first I was a little disappointed with this release, however it actually grows on you after numerous listens. There is great riffs to be found on this release, but the choruses could have been a little bit better in my opinion. 

In my opinion an album like this one needs time, no question about that, but after a while things have to click in place and that they do only partly on this release, yet if you are into Melodic Metal with progressive touches, then give CLOUDSCAPE a listen.

The cover artwork is by Mattias Norén himself. Cool cover!

Tip: Listen before you buy!

Recommended tracks: "As The Light Leads The Way", "Under fire" and "Aqua 275"