Rating: 89/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, October '05
Label - Nuclear Blast GmhH (VME Distribution)
Style - Crossover

Hate Yourself With Style

Funny how the band who back in 1993 firmly stated on their debut album that no real guitars whatsoever were used on the album now have created an album that sounds more organic and live than anything they’ve ever done. Is maturity just about taking the guitars out of the closet? 

That said, “Hate Yourself With Style” is no real departure from Clawfinger’s previous six albums. They are still heavy, they still have a solid portion of aggression and sound distinctively like…well, Clawfinger. Zak Tell’s characteristic voice and humoristic way of handling big and in actual fact sad topics has a lot to do with this distinctive sound, of course.

The importance of Clawfinger should not be underestimated, not only as an alternative to Rage Against the Machine back in the day, but also as a superb live experience. And this album just emphasises that they are still very much alive and that they have maintained their own style without standing entirely still in the creativity swamp.

Not only for old Clawfinger fans. Go check it out.