Chain Collector
The Masquerade
Release date: November 18th, 2005
Massacre Records
VME Denmark
Modern Melodic Death Metal
Rating: 65/100
Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
October '05

Chain Collector is from Norway and was formed in 2003. Some of the members come from other bands such as, Trail of Tears, Green Carnation, and Carpathian Forest and they play hard Heavy Metal and Modern Melodic Death Metal. In 2004 they released a Demo called “Forthcoming Addiction”, containing 4 songs. Recorded at DUB studio.

In September 2004 Chain Collector signed a two album record deal with Sound Riot Records and recently their debut album “The Masquerade” was licensed to Massacre Records to be released in Europe, Australia , Canada , and South America .

Chain Collector “The Masquerade” comes with a good production and you really cannot complain about the musicianship and songs like, “Harvester” and “Winter Princess” get over really good, but somehow this album seems to bore me a little.

If you only listen to one or two songs, then The Masquerade” sounds pretty good and are enjoyable, but when I listen to the whole album I find myself reaching out for the stop button.

It's an alright effort for a debut CD, but just not good enough to please me and my appetite for Heavy Metal and Melodic Death Metal. I must admit that this I only my opinion and if you are into hard Heavy Metal and Melodic Death Metal I really think you should check this band out.  

Recommended tracks: See Above.