Rating: 70/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, April '05
Label: Massacre Records
Style: Somewhere in the neighbourhood of melodic black metal

Winternight Tragedies

Catamenia are every reviewer’s nightmare. The perfect review is one were you get to either slag the band off completely or praise them sky high. Lo and behold, Catamenia are definitely too good to be written off as amateurs, on the other hand, true greatness isn’t theirs to claim either. This means that I have to write something nice about them without getting too enthusiastic…

Catamenia hail from Oulo in Finland , and the band has existed since 1995. This explains why their black-inspired metal is professional, well-produced and well-composed. Sadly enough, though, the ten tracks on “Winternight Tragedies” fail to make it into the big league of classic metal songs. There are very, very cool riffs and beautiful harmonies here and there as well as the in-your-face attitudes we know from so many semi-black metal bands and most notable Children of Bodom these days.

What I’m most enthusiastic about with Catamenia is that they dare venture into little bursts of melody and folklore as for example in the opening track “The Heart Of Darkness” and “Verikansa”. They certainly don’t lack energy which is also a plus, of course.

Tip of the day: Don’t read the lyrics! Utter nonsense warning!

Recommended tracks: “The Heart Of Darkness” and “Verikansa”