Rating: 40/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, August '05
Label: InsideOut Music
Style: Progressive Rock

Man Made Machine

Carptree's new album, “Man Made machine” is a dark and strange sounding combination of diverse styles that are deeply rooted in progressive rock. The band’s core of Niclas Flinck (Vocals) and Carl Westholm (Piano, keyboards) has known each other for 20 years now and has previously played together in various groups.

“Man Made Machine” is their third album. Their first two was “Carptree” (2001) and “Superhero” (2003). The keyboards of Carl Westholm dominate the sound of Carptree, so it’s not an easy album to listen to, especially because most of the songs are rather "strange" in my opinion.

Their greatest musical influence could very well be Genesis, and can’t say I’m the biggest fan of Genesis. Most of the songs tend to be very boring even after 5-6 spins in my CD-player. – I really miss some variety. Most of the songs here sound the same to me. They are all in the same tempo (slow). I can’t say that Progressive Rock is my strongest side so maybe it’s just me being unfair, but I don’t find this kind of music especially interesting, but if Progressive Rock is your thing, give this album a chance.

Recommended tracks: “Titans Clash Aggressively to Keep an Even Score”.