Rating: 85/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, May '05
Label: Nuclear Blast GmbH
Style: Doom


Comeback of the year? Not quite, but surely a very strong contender for the title. This is the Candlemass album; doom metal fans have been waiting for ever since Messiah Marcolin left the band in the beginning of the 90's.

And how does this one compare with the classic Candlemass albums? Well it never reaches the heights of "Ancient Dreams" or the cornerstone of doom metal: "Nightfall" - actually both musically and in terms of quality I would compare it with the last Candlemass studio album with Messiah on vocals: "Tales Of Creation".

Candlemass has made the jump into the new millennium with ease - the guitars still sound like they did in the 80's with a small modification with some modern sounds, the hook lines are still awesome, the drumbeats are to the point and together with Leif's bass playing the rhythm work is as solid as ever ... but the one thing that makes this album so much more appealing compared with almost any other doom metal album in the past decade is off course Messiah's vocals! And he delivers in my book his best performance to this date!

One hour of very good doom metal is what Candlemass has chosen to release unto the hungry doom metal community, and I am sure this album lives up to the high hopes people has ... no one in their right mind would expect them to top either "Ancient Dreams" or "Nightfall", but they are pretty close, so in my book that's a success ... but make up your own mind, because they surely deserve it.

Recommended tracks: "Black Dwarfs", "Seven Silver Keys", "Witches" & "The Day And The Night"