Circle II Circle

Rating: 70/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, February '05
AFM Records
Style: Melodic Metal

The Middle Of Nowhere

Second album from Zachery Stevens and his Circle II Circle project, and with this one he has really managed to move a great deal more away from his old band Savatage. And to some degree I think this is wise and a good move, if only the songs had been a lot stronger than they are!

Zak proves once more, that he has to be counted among the best metal vocalists around ... he simply delivers another stunning performance on this album, and really is the highlight on this release. The drumming is good, but the guitar work on this album has to be some the most uninspired and boring stuff I've heard in a long time, sure there's some cool riffs and great leads, but when even the guitar sound is at best decent, then it influences the whole album in a negative way.

I think, I have listened to it now like 10 times, and everytime I am left with a feeling of discontent, because this could have been a much better album if only ... sadly I think this won't help Zak or Circle II Circle a whole lot ... one thing I have to mention though: I really like the cover artwork - a cool Matrix reference! There's off course still some very good songs on offer here, and the album is by no means bad - but take a listen yourself ...

Recommended tracks: "In This Life", "Cynical Ride" and "The Middle Of Nowhere"