Bruce Dickinson

Rating: 85/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, September '05
Label: Mayan / Sanctuary
Style: Bruce and a bit of Maiden style

Tyranny of Souls

For someone who earlier this year proclaimed that he will probably not run around in a rock outfit for the rest of his life, everyone’s favourite air raid siren is putting up pretences pretty well so far. He’s still a rock god. The voice and the attitude are both unbeatable.  

What is not so unbeatable, sadly, is the lack of new, exciting ideas from messrs. Dickinson and Z. The level of the songs rarely reaches more than just above average. Yes, my expectations are high, I know, but shouldn’t they be?  

By any measure, the songs on this album are good, but you don’t really go “wow!” One exception is the beautiful power ballad “Kill Devil Hill”, where recipies are tested a bit. Another is the atmospheric “Believel”. The title track of the album is the most powerful tune on the album – like a final statement that Bruce and Roy are serious about being oldskool. No one ever doubted that.  

Any fan of Maiden or Dickinson can put this CD on when you need some time off – but it won’t make you bounce around the room like “Accident of Birth” did when that came out and signalled Bruce’s return to metal.  

Recommended: “Kill Devil Hill”, “Believel” and “Tyranny Of Souls”.