Rating: 93/100

Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev, February '05
Metal Blade Records
Style: Power Metal

Liquid Monster

Just when I thought, that Brainstorm was turning more or less into an average, almost uninspired outfit with “Soul Temptation”, which was a letdown, they are back with a killer album.

Liquid Monster” is Brainstorm's sixth album, the fourth one with super singer Andy B. Franck. Just listen to the opener “Worlds Are Comin' Through” and it gives you an idea of how much these guys rule. “Despair To Drown” almost sound like Overkill. But I think the biggest inspiration is Vicious Rumors.

All of their songs are really straight and catchy, but always very powerful with great guitarwork and a pounding rhythm section. The voice of Andy B. Franck (Ivanhoe, Symphorce) is really powerful, with a lot of balls. Ferdy Doernberg from Rough Silk is handling the keyboards.

“Liquid Monster” is produced by Brainstorm, and it sounds great. There is only one weak point - the cover artwork, that looks like something fom a $ 200 Japanese science fiction movie. The track “All Those Words” will be released on a single with 4 non-album tracks. “Liquid Monster” is also released as a limited edition digi-book with a bonus dvd. 

Recommended tracks: All !