Beyond Twilight

Rating: 95/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, February '05
Label: Massacre Records
Style: Dark Progressive Metal

Section X

Finn Zierler has once more done some soul searching, living secluded for a period of time to dig deep into his soul to write the second chapter of Beyond Twilight.

We log in to datafile "29031972" and the journey has begun ... a journey, that takes us back to the same soundscapes we travelled with "The Devil's Hall Of Fame" - a few sounds and riffs have been recycled nicely to tie the two albums together. But don't worry, this is not just a spin-off of the first album. The music has moved forward in an almost natural progression, and with Finn's very special way of playing keyboards - I can't think of anyone else using the keyboards like he does - you get a very special and unique piece of metal.

After a short intro we travel through 6 long songs (from 4 to 9 minutes), and a 2 minutes classical inspired intermezzo with piano, drums and guitars, all in all almost 45 minutes of intriguing metal. The music is still typical Beyond Twilight with some weird twists, dark and atmospheric. The new vocalist Kelly Sundown Carpenter (Outworld) has done a great job taking over from Jorn Lande. He almost makes me forget just how great Jorn sang on the first album, and that's really a big accomplishment and a huge compliment to him!

Tommy Hansen has once more done miracles in his small studio and the sound is crystal clear, thick and with a huge soundstage. And together with the excellent cover artwork done brilliantly by Mattias Norén the foundations are all in place for a great package.

As my rating indicates, this is by no means a bad album, not just quite as good as the first one, but still one hell of a cool album! I have now listened to this great album intensely for a week straight and still discovers small bits and pieces, and maybe my hopes for this album simply were too high to fulfil my wishes ... but to cut things short (too late), this is another great album from Beyond Twilight, and I recommend all metal fans to take a listen to this monster of an album!

Recommended tracks: "The Path Of Darkness", "The Dark Side", "Ecstasy Arise" and "Section X"