Release date: January 27th 2006
Locomotive Records
Distributed by: Target Distribution

Heavy Metal

Rating: 70/100
Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
December '05

-“I’m the bitch that you can’t ignore”! states singer Veronica freeman from American band Benedictum. Let’s see… I think it’s up to you out there if she really is the bitch you can’t ignore?

“Uncreation” is the debut album from Benedictum and this is pure HEAVY METAL… not Rock or Hard Rock… not Speed or Thrash Metal… no, just HEAVY METAL!

In my opinion this album needs something about 10-12 spins in the CD-player before it grows on you. And then again… it somehow seems to bore me after numerous listens. Confused?? So am I!

“Uncreation” is filled with pounding drums, HEAVY riffs and Veronica Freeman’s extraordinary voice. This is far from groundbreaking but at least it is HONEST HEAVY METAL. The production is good… and I can feel the raw power of the guitars… heavy indeed.

Benedictum pay homage to the godfathers, Black Sabbath with versions of “Heaven and Hell” and “The Mob Rules”. Both versions are quite good but it is very hard to compete with Ronnie James Dio, right?

A solid album… but not outstanding in my opinion. But do check it out when it hit the stores in January 2006.