Rating: 85/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, June '05
Label: Napalm Records
Fantasy Metal

Third Age Of The Sun

Yet another metal band has sacrificed itself upon the altar of Tolkien. This time it is a band of northern brothers and sisters in metal. In a less comic book fashion than Blind Guardian, Finnish Battlelore have delivered a potent third release.

The now so common mix between a growling male voice and a melodious, beautiful female voice is mastered well by Battlelore and it suits the themes of the album well.

Kaisa Jouhki’s voice strikes a fine balance that is not as plain as many female vocalists tend to become and it isn’t operatic as others tend to be when they try to do something they aren’t really able to handle. The ballad “Elves of Lúva” shows her skills quite well.

Tomi Mykkänen’s vocal performance is passionate and diverse enough to make it interesting and not just a background voice as it is the case with e.g. Beseech and other somewhat related bands.

Musically, Battlelore doesn’t come up with anything new. It doesn’t really matter though, because their blend of progressive synth-laden metal, folk, ballads and good old fashioned heavy metal is solid, well played and definitely well produced. The sound never gets too bombastic although it has the potential to be so. Heavy, yes, but never bombastic. Good one!

Recommended: “Storm Of The Blades”, “Trollshaws”, “Cloaked In Her Unlight”, “Of Orcs And Elves”, “Touch Of Green And Gold”