Rating: 78/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, January '05
InsideOut Music
Style: Progressive Metal

Actual Fantasy Revisited

As the title might give away this is the re-release of the second Ayreon album "Actual Fantasy" originally released in 1996. The album was also re-issued back in 1998 with 2 extra songs.

But this isn't your regular re-release - most the album has been re-recorded, and this time around it comes with real drums (the original was recorded with drum-computers), all of the guitars and bass have also been sort of up-dated.

All of the songs have improved sound-wise, and I feel all of them are in this version more "complete". The overall feeling is that this is the version Arjen had intended this should sound like, but because of perhabs limits in funds, technical possibillities, things just came out a bit off.

But this has never been my favorite Ayreon album, actually it's my least favorite. Not that it's a bad album, but it simply doesn't meassure up to the others ...

Recommended tracks: “Abbey Of Synn”, “Computer Eyes” and “Forevermore”

Link: www.ayreon.com