Rating: 95/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, June '05
Label: Interscope
Big American Rock

Out Of Exile

It turns out that somewhere in the cross field between Soundgarden and Rage Against The Machine, the Big American Rock Sound can be located.

Audioslave’s self-entitled debut from 2003 didn’t impress me much but this time the band has found itself and brought out the true qualities of both Chris Cornell’s laid back, Sabbathesque grunge roots and the remaining band’s hard pumped, then-trend defining jump-friendly music plus that big American rock tradition.

I can best describe “Out of Exile” as a flawless album. Nothing here is done wrong, all songs are equally good, nothing sticks out as being better than the song before. Audioslave has exactly what it takes to create a rock classic: a fantastic voice behind the mike, one of the most interesting guitar talents over the past two decades and a rock solid rhythm section who like groovy, yet jumpy adventures. The have earned years of experience, but the energy is still there and they just sound like four guys who play really well together and could do it in their mom’s garage or in a stadium.

One of the things that strikes me most about “Out Of Exile” is the perfect execution of the simple yet catchy riffs. It’s courageous of Audioslave to step back and go back to the basics – not of their own history – but of rock riffing as such.

Hats off to Cornell and friends.