At War With Self

Rating: 50/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, February '05
Free Electric Sound
Style: Progressive Metal

Torn Between Dimensions

My first thought, when I saw this album was: "Please not another instrumental progressive metal album!" - but this is exactly what I feared ... 10 instrumental progressive metal songs from the trio of Glenn Snelwar (Guitars, mandoline, e-bow and keyboards), Michael Manring (fretless bass and e-bow) and Mark Zonder (drums and percussion).

It's not that I don't like instrumental songs, eventhough I must admit I do prefer a melodyline and vocals to a song. And surely this trio is loaded with talent, all three are extremely gifted and it's very clear throughout the entire album, that they know what they are doing ...

Sure there's lot's of fine moments of this album, but I just don't feel it works as an complete album - bits and pieces aren't enough to make up for an album! I won't say I hate everything about this release, it's simply no my kind progressive metal.

Album design is once more by Travis Smith, and he has created a twisted image, that fits the music nicely. The production is OK and I urge you to take a listen if you love stuff like Gordian Knot. In my book this is however another pointless instrumental progressive metal release ... sorry ...