At Vance

Rating: 93/100

Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev, April '05
Label: AFM Records
Style: Neo-Classical Power Metal  


Sixth album from German Neo-Classical power metal band, At Vance. First album with new drummer Franco Zuccaroli & new bass player John ABC Smith, in the past Franco played with Velvet Viper, and John played with Gallows Pole.

The album contains 11 tracks, where At Vance shows their full potential, great compositions, excellent guitar work and a superb singer. First track is the speedy “Rise From The Fall” with a great chorus. Second track is the slow “Heaven”, other bands can only dream of making a ballad like this. Third track is “Tell Me” this one reminds me of early Stratovarius.

“Chained” is the fourth track - wow this is fucking heavy - this is At Vance at their best, the vocals from Mats Leven on this track are out of this world. Fifth track “Now Or Never” is a typical At Vance up-tempo smasher. Sixth track “Two Hearts” is melodic and slow, yet powerful.

“Invention #13” is next; this is a little acoustic piece. Track 8 “Run/Leave” is classic metal at it best. The Ninth track “Live For The Sacred” is pure melodic metal. Track 10 “Vivaldi Winter” shows At Vance’s love for classical music, Olaf Lenk’s guitar work on this track could not have been done any better by Yngwie Malmsteen! The Last track “Run For Your Life” is a speed metal hammer, yeah what a way to end this great album.

Limited edition of “Chained” contains 2 extra tracks. BUY!

Recommended tracks: “Chained” & “Run For Your Life”