Astral Doors
Raiders of the Ark
Release date: September 26, 2005
Locomotive Records
Target Distribution
Heavy Metal
Rating: 80/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
October '05

No, this is not a new album from this young Swedish band, but merely an appetizer for their upcoming album called: "Astralism", with one new song: "Raiders of the Ark " from the album. This song is kept in the familiar fashion, and shows a mature band, which is aware of its strengths.

The rest of the songs are "Easy Rider", a previously unreleased track and not of their best efforts, but with a very strong lead section. The European fans finally get a chance to listen to the songs previously only released as bonus tracks on the Japanese versions - "Far Beyond the Astral Doors", "Another Day in Hell" and "Moonstruck Woman (Remixed version)" - all three of them fits the bill perfectly, 80's inspired heavy metal with an excellent vocalist, good choruses and leads... why they've been kept from us European fans is beyond me!

To complete this good value for your money EP, we are served the video clip for one of the best Astral Doors songs ever: "Time to Rock" - a cool clip that nicely combines footage shot live on stage and behind the scenes on tour. This is a nice little appetizer for the forthcoming album and absolutely worth picking up while we wait...

Recommended tracks: “Raiders of the Ark ”, "Far Beyond the Astral Doors" & "Another Day in Hell".